BBS Salvage in Murray Bridge

BBS Salvage is our second hand / salvage / factory seconds and runout stock premises,

 It is located at:       131 Thomas Street

                                 Murray Bridge

(opposite the CFS & SES stations)

to directly contact the salvage yard please call us on 0885 310 352


 Our yard is stocked with the following and MORE.....

Second-Hand Timber, Corrugated Iron, Steel, Doors, Windows, Mantles, Bricks, Pavers, Poles, Guttering, Stoves, Sheds, Kitchens, Cupboards, Sheet Board, Tanks, C Section, Hardwood, Softwood, Sheds & Frames, light fixtures, Tiles, Gates, and a whole lot of All sorts, Everything and Odds & Sods.


At BBS Salvage we have extensive experience in, and can offer expertise in reclaim and recycle of building materials, a full demolition service, site clean-up, shed clean outs and general purchasing and removal of building materials or all of the above.

Once again, Call us on 0885 310 352 to ask about anything.